fpga spartan 6 io ports are no longer working correctly

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Ahmed Darwish

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HELLO there,

i have spartan 6 of the familyxlc9 but i am facing a severe problem with it . first i can burn successfully with jtag on it .its power is okay but the problem is whatever code i am burning to it

the io ports values doesn't change always all the pins are zeros except 4 pins that have values between 0.9 and 1.2 and another pin that have 3.3 .although the code is working on xillinx it is a simple code. trying to output ones on all the pins i changed the code to a code that does nothing like the fpga sends the same values on the output pins . i thought that those pins are no longer working

changed to another pins but all are zeros . it is like the output ports keeps a certain previous state and stand still.

i don't know does my fpga fails and has to be changed ? although jtag is burning code successfully

does spi flash memory is not working ? although i tried to upload the code on fpga directly and get the same output

thanks in advance