Fluke t5 1000 field sensor not reading, probes fine

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Bought this 2nd hand, but couldn't test it before purchase but considering the Fluke reputation for solid gear thought it worth the risk. Probes work fine but the field sensor legs don't measure voltage or Amps. I tried getting it serviced by Fluke but the local Australian service agent said they can't get parts as its a older model. Thought it'd be fun to try a diagnose the problem. I noticed there'd been another T5 1000 thread here with a different problem so thought I'd ask.
Pulled it apart and looked for anything obvious, burnt components etc but nothing obvious. Tested the field coils for continuity and resistance (~150-200) continuity was ok between the various wires. No obvious breaks or burn but I don't know what a normal resistance would be.
Took some photos of the circuit board, top and bottom. The first (IMG_9090) photo I followed one of the traces coming from the field sensor plug and measured resistance/continuity on those components. Got 48-50 and a continuity tone from the right pink line one and no continuity tone ~150 resistance for the blue line one. Problem?

Any other things I should be checking? Its not a total loss as the probes still work fine but I'd like to get the field sensor working for some solar projects I'm planning. Also like to learn more about component level repairs, I'm just a hobbyist but like tinkering around :)