FluidSim does anyone know how to use it?

Discussion in 'Homework Help' started by Kldnz, Jun 19, 2016.

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    Feb 8, 2016
    Hello. I have this problem with the fluidsim program (it's a program that allows connection pistons etc etc) So i have this homework I need to make a circuit with a Logic module. And I need to make it so that when i press one button one of three pistons push out and when it reaches the maximum the other starts to push out and then the third. The other button purpose is to push all of the pistons out at the same time and bring it back in. I also need to make a flashing light for both buttons that flashes at 3hz and 1hz but I will do it myself. I have the circuit made and everything is working but the problem is that when presing the first button everything should be done after 20 seconds and same with the second button they should go in and out in 20 seconds and i have no idea how to do that... can some one please help me with that?

    EDIT: I made everything the flashing leds etc. Now when presing the first button everything works and goes back to begining state in 20 seconds. But in the second work mode it takes only 10 seconds. how can i make it longer? can anyone help me? It didn't let me to upload a file so i uploaded it to google drive
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    Turn on preview mode for your google images. I'm not going to download a mystery file.
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    You can post the images here. I would recommend the .PNG or .but format.