Find the Voltage of the depended source [Which one is correct?]

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I'm confused a little bit here. The answer that I found is different from the "official", which is V2=9.218∠-39.8° , V3=8.799∠164.97° and the Voltage of depended source is V3-V2=17.598∠152.29° volts.

Ηere is my attempt:

New Doc 2019-10-31 16.23.31_1.jpg

New Doc 2019-10-31 16.23.31_2.jpg

V3-V2=3.88∠68.618° volts and the "official" is V3-V2=17.598∠152.29°. So which on is correct ? ( looks like the polarity is oposite, because I found 8,799 also @V3, can someone explain it so I can understand it well ?)

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You have correctly discovered the sign error in the official solution.

My solution for the voltages at the 3 nodes verifies that the angle of the voltage at the rightmost node is -15.0304 degrees as you obtained: