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  1. caos esvida

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    Sep 6, 2014
    looking for a replacement for this filter. something that is just a plug in surge surpressor/filter. any help would be appreciated.

    this is for a washing machine circuit board, this is the second one that has failed. I don't "think " its a line issue, I believe its a design issue, (maybe) some harmonics issue??

    I only have a basic electronics understanding, sorry I can't give you more info, I have attached the schematic .
    if this is not the forum for this , if you know of another that would be more suitable you could point me to.

    for now I just put a computer surge suppressor on to keep the wife from hitting me! thanks.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    That is a rather sophisticated filter. It attempts to control power surges and a wide range of frequency interference.
    How does it fail? I assume it becomes "open" and stops the machine, or you wouldn't notice that something is wrong.
    I recommend a whole house surge protector in addition to this filter. Maybe that will stop it from being harmed.

    Cheap enough to buy one:
  3. caos esvida

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    Sep 6, 2014
    yes it opens,
    thanks that is a big help. I ordered one, and I will leave the other surge protector on as well.

    do you think I would be alright till the new part comes, to use it with the computer $30 surge protector?

    I have a surge protector, and a filter that the power company put on to keep out their signals, it was giving me interference with my recording.
    The first one failed after about 3 years, just after warranty, the second on in less than a year.
    I am hooked up to one of the main grids, we almost never have lost power, and I don't notice any fluctuations, don't use the washer during thunderstorms,
    I don't have any other problems with any of my other equipment, computers and the like.
    So I was suspecting a faulty part design, is there any feedback that I could be getting from the Frequency drive motor, which I think it has?

    In any case thanks for the help and the link.. the last one cost me closer to $30 with shipping.
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    Sep 10, 2015
    Okay... I feel like a dope. My brand new washer has the same filter shown by the image attached to the first post of this thread. I needed to change the power cord (to one with a plug that lays flat against the wall) and was careful to pay attention to which terminals on the filter the line and neutral attached. But, now that I'm looking at the schematic diagram on the filter, it seems to disagree with what I'm 99% sure I observed...

    The diagram on my filter is the same as the one on the initial post's image. The input leads (power cord) go to terminals 1 and 2 and output leads go on terminals 3 and 4. On the base of the physical filter, terminal one is diagonally opposite terminal 4 (and terminal 2 diagonally opposite terminal 3); this matters because of what I observed when I disconnected the input leads. The black output lead is definitely attached to terminal 4 and white output lead to terminal 3... these never got disconnected. But, already this seems to contradict the schematic.

    When I disconnected the input leads, I was "sure" that the black wire was diagonally opposite the black output lead. That would put the black input on terminal 1 (because it's diagonally opposite terminal 4, where the black output lead is) and white input on terminal 2. This input arrangement would be consistent with the schematic, but worries me because the output leads are connected in reverse (as described in the paragraph above). So now I'm doubting what I was previously sure of!

    What happens if I get the input leads reversed?