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I was studying some how to interface O2 Sensor to micro controller. I got some reference connections diagram. I want to understand amplifier type in circuit & reason of using capacitor in feedback loop. Please help me to understand this.



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The cap in sim alters the freq at which the response peaks. And affects the
BW olf the response.

Basic response of circuit looks like -


With 1 pF fdbk cap looks like -


Intuitively the cap at low freq is irrelevant because OpAmp establishes a virtual ground
across it. But as OpASmp runs out of G at higher freq, and its Zout rises, cap feed forwards
signal bypassing OpAmp. Seems like an "odd" topology.....

Regards, Dana.
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Hi is the task of the cap between both opamp input nodes to improve (or even to ensure) the stability of the unity-gain amplifier. Unity-gain configuration (100% feedback) is the most critical configuration as far as stability against oscillation is concerned.
This capacitor does not influence the closed-loop gain of the amplifier but it remarkably reduces the loop gain for rising frequencies (and with it the closed-loop bandwidth) and, hence, improves the stability margin. That means, in the time domain the pulse response will be improved (less overshoot).

Explanation: The cap allows a certain percentage of positive feedback and, hence, reduces full negative feedback - resulting in less loop gain.

(Comment to danadak´s answer: Gain deep in the negative dB region???)


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Shunting the inputs it would also raise the noise gain, which is sometimes an acceptable trade-off for the stability that can come from lowering the loop gain.


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I had an error in sim wiring, so I edited the AC bode post #2 above to correct.

Also transient response edited in post #4. Not much evidence phase margin impacted....
Probably because of the dominant compensation internal to the LM324 I used in sim.

Funny thing is the bode plot shows impact on phase margin, but transient time domain
does not. Maybe fact I had to use current source because of large input cap to circuit,
and everything just gets integrated.....

Regards, Dana.
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