Fast and accurate pulse generator


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check forrest mimms III
engineer's mini-notebook

basic semiconductor circuits

page 33

pulse generator

(small, just transistor and capacitor)

low microsecond pulse time

100 ns rise time

while from an "old book" i bet using "newer parts" in the same circuit might do it

(point of mentioning: size and cost very low)

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Having reviewed the options and tried things out it seems like an avalanche pulser is the best way to achieve the required pulses with a voltage of around 6V. The one posted earlier looked pretty good but I can't seem to replicate the results in OrCAD capture or LTspice. I think it might be because I can't find a suitable transistor which simulates the avalanche effect correctly. The 2N2369 doesn't appear to work.

I have been trying to replicate the circuit in right side figure 75 of but my results are not very good! The simplified circuit I've attempted to simulate is attached. Main aim is to get some pulses working and then try to achieve my exact requirements.

Or if anyone can shed any light on how I can get Bordodynov's circuit to work as was demonstrated that'd also be good!