Family achievments.


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Congratulations to her! That is quite an impressive accomplishment. Too bad your brother missed it but he probably left knowing it would happen anyway.


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Congrats on your niece's accomplishment, it's no small achievement to become a Federal Judge.

My father passed away at 60, when I was 27 ... he didn't get to see all of us six siblings through college, but eventually we all did graduate. I remember feeling like a puffed up peacock when my kid graduated from Chemical Engineering a little over a couple of years ago. It almost felt like my achievement! LOL.
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It almost felt like my achievement! LOL.
It IS, to a large degree. In the Nature-Nurture debate, I'm firmly in the Nature camp: I think parents make a difference but not nearly so much as innate characteristics. The most we can do as parents is not screw up. That said, it's awfully easy to screw up.

Of all the little things that have to go right for a kid to thrive in adulthood, some ARE under our control and we can be rightfully proud when things go right. We may not be sufficient, but we are necessary.

My daughter became a doctor of PT, ultimately a captain, while in the Army. I was impressed how much attention the Army gave to recognizing the input of the parents in the success of their children. They've clearly learned the importance of parental support in later success in the Army program.


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Just heard today my eldest Niece (brothers daughter) was made a Canadian Federal Court judge today.
Bro' would have been proud, he passed a short while ago.
That's wonderful! Quite an achievement.

My daughter is about to turn 16 and is coming into her own as a musician (violinist). She formed a string quartet for the purpose of participating in the Manitou Chamber Music Festival in July with the hope of continuing afterwards. They have already played one paying gig and have two others booked. As she has been shifting towards wanting to major in music performance, I've been telling myself that she may end up becoming well-acquainted with the phrase "starving artist". I want her to pursue her passion, but it's bittersweet because she is a straight A+ student in all honors classes. However, after seeing how she owned the music in the festival, I'm becoming of the opinion that she just might have the chops to pull it off.