Extracting steady state average voltage and currents using LTSpice

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I have to analyze the circuit below and provide the steady state average voltage, current and power at different points in the circuit.
So far I have ran the simulation and:
(1) Used the AVG function in LTSpice to determine the average values for different components and nodes
(2) Plotted the entire waveform (transient and steady state portions) and have determine the average using the CTRL + (clicking on the variable) to get the average value. I have done this for the entire waveform and by zooming in in the steady state portion of the wave as the time range used changes the answer.
(3) I have read the help in LTSpice and learned that you can remove the steady state response from the entire response but still nothing that talks about getting steady state average values for different parameters.

In addition I have to provide the answers with +/- 1% accuracy. This is not clear to me as I don't see what to use as a reference.

I have attached all the files relevant to the simulation to see if anybody knows of a way of tackling this problem. As an example my result for the steady state voltage at the output is 40.128 V and that of the current in L1 is 3.5353 A.