External Voltage and Temp readings to Linux Comptuer

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I have a device that I would like to monitor its voltage in relation to its temp.

Is there any simple device that I can use to get both a temp and voltage reading to a linux PC?

I also want to control the thermal chamber via GPIB, any ideas on a good device?

I also want to toggle the device on and off... by somehow shorting a line to ground or letting it float high.

Since I want to accomplish these 4 things, is there a better solution then 2 DMM's a GPIB controller and some other device to toggle the unit on and off?

I look forward to what others have in mind.



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This place has some "lower" cost dataloggers too..
I've used their USB TC temperature logger without problems.. (except that they aren't isolated so you must ensure your temp probe is not attached to something metal carrying voltage.. kapton tape works great for isolation though)


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You could also use a simple/cheap Arduino board..
A few lines of code and you'd be up and running for under $20 or so..
Just depends on what you need to measure and the physical requirements of the temp probe.