Exploding Cellphone Batteries. Thoughts ?


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You can 'smother' the Li with water but it will react nevertheless, but it depends on the Li <<< volume of water. I wouldn't make it a rule to use water, in professional circles doing so is negligence. Salt water is better, since the ions will cause the battery to ionize NaCl which binds on the electrodes.

A typical MSDS on Li Poly cells:

MSDS 01 Lithium Polymer

On primary cells:

On secondary:



The released gases are reactive too.

Li Poly or ion is less reactive than pure lithium metal, since again, it depends on the quantity of Li in the cell.

seems to be a divergence of information here


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Occasionally, with combat robotics, one of these batteries got pierced. The problem battery got dumped in a bucket of water ASAP, where it could discharge more or less safely. It was funny to watch the bucket slowly steam when this happened.