Ethernet funny in HP8000 elite series.

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I have been trying to fix intermittent network connection issues with an HP8000 series PC (Small form factor) with W7.

The ethernet socket appears to have become worn and, as I don't have a spare ethernet + 2USB stack to solder in I though I would just try sticking in a Netgear card to the one PCI socket on the motherboard.

If I just plug in the card and attempt to boot back up, it suppresses the VHA (yes video) output and the fan revs up like a starfighter.

There is a section in BIOS that says "disable the Intel ethernet connector" but nothing changes if you set this to disable.
That is
With no Netcard card there is intermittent connection to the ehternet.
With the Netgear card there is no video out.

Any ideas very welcome.


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Most times a bios upgrade will give you more supported cards and cpu's.
Also bugs may be overcome with a bios upgrade.

It can be that memory and / or ports are overlapping between the video and network card.
A bios upgrade will not help in that case.


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But why would HP put the PCI slot on the board, if it can't be used?

I have to say it's been a long long time since I had to sort out interrupt conflicts.

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I still don't understand.

Either the PCI slot is a PCI slot and conforms to Wintel PCI specs or it doesn't.

If it does it shouldn't matter if there is a chain gang if little green men working inside the card, all that passes is data and power.

There cannot be a more 'correct to standard' manufacturer than Netgear.


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i'd (1) disable the onboard lan and try another lan card or (2) usb-lan adaptor which are generic realtek using usb power

can't recall the make a while back but pretty sure it was hp, needed to add a video card in the theoretical PCI slot which apparently wasn't (a pci slot)

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Many thanks to all who answered my call.

I have to finish this today since I will be away for a few weeks.

So I have got the ethernet working with a usb-ehternet converter.

I had 2,
one "needs no software", but didn't work
and one that worked after installing the drivers.

I found that the Netgear was incompatible with this HP (I think due to interrupt conflicts) I found some some old info (W95/98) from Netgear baout resolving mobo conflicts but hells bells this is 2015.

Anyway just tidying up winsock, firewall, IP and windowsnonupdate before I go.