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Agreed. But it does sometimes show unsupported characters that don't show in text editors.

In LTspice, open the stimulus file "MTJ_write_LT.sp" then click "run".
Voltages and currents can be viewed in the waveform viewer (waveform viewer->view->visible traces).
.meas statement results can be viewed in the log file.

There will be a stimulus file. If your familiar with programming languages, like C, you can think of the stimulus file as the "Main" routine and the files containig subcircuits/models involved as "include files" (however, sometimes they are included in the stimulus file). A clue to identifying this file is that it will contain analysis statements like ".tran" or ".op", or measurement statements like ".meas". It can also contain "include" statements that specify files to be included in the simulation.

Thats about all I'll say for know because this discussion can go on forever....

I don't know what whole cloth is...

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Hello eetech00,
I wondered how I could integrate this element (VCMA-MTJ) into a circuit I am working on. My circuit is also in LTSpice and I attached it here( Draft7.asc). My project is based on this paper (Low_power_magnetic_flip_flop...), also attached. If you could please take a look into it I would be very thankful, since I have no experience with netlistfile, only with graphical interface.


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Here is a screen shot:


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