Error including "freertos/FreeRTOS.h" header in esp-idf using vs code

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so, I'm pretty new to using esp32, and wanted to try freertos with esp32. And started with installing the esp-idf extension in vscode following tutorials, they worked for the most part but, I'm stuck with this above specific line( shows squiggly line underneath the line, "include errors detected") and I couldn't find any working solutions online. its a simple BLINK sketch from examples and the same above error was seen for all the #include lines but they got resolved by including "C:/Users/hp/esp/esp-idf/**" in the include path JSON file, but "freertos/FreeRTOS.h" refuses to be included. I tried building and flashing the program even with this error but even then it doesnt work.

its a esp32 wroom devkit.


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I think you have to install the library manually. I mean download the FreeRTOS.h library, extract the files and copy-paste them to the location where all of your esp-idf libraries are installed. Just like we do in the case of Arduino IDE. Also, make sure that there is no more library with the same name.