Errer Setting USBASP ISP clock...

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Last day i have received these products is below..
I start with simple code i.e. led blink
I have ATmeaga32A with this mini project bord and isp programmer .
to burned hex file in IC i am using KHAZAMA AVR Programmer GUI software.
this is the simple code i have write.

#include <avr/io.h>
#include <util/delay.h>
int main(void)
/* Replace with your application code */
DDRA = 0xFF;
while (1)
PORTA = 0xFF; // all pins of PORTD are said to provide 5v output or told to pull high (LED ON)
PORTA = 0x00; // all pins of PORTD are said to provide ground at output or pull
_delay_ms(220); //delay for 200ms

code build successfully with hex file .
problem i am facing while burn hex file to ic .
Error Setting USBASP ISP clock... (with KHAZAMA AVR Programmer GUI software)
i have also attach screenshot with error in detail , it may be communication error of USPASP and ic .
how i fix this problem .? is there any fuse setting ?? and how it set?