EPSON controller with Renesas

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    Nov 14, 2013
    Hello all,

    I have a LCD board which has controller, serial flash, 2 SDRAM and EPSON controller i.e S1D13517

    Controller is connected to serial flash and SDRAM say 'A' S1D13517 is connected to another SDRAM say 'B'

    At the power ON I am loading all images from serial flash to SDRAM 'A' using controller.

    I am not writing images to another SDRAM 'B' which is connected to S1D13517

    I am initialising EPSON port, driver.

    I want to know when I set page in REG52, REG50 and REG2A registers of S1D13517, how it takes image from SDRAM 'A'? and it displays well on LCD.

    All other routines are clear to me but I am not understanding how EPSON IC takes images from SDRAM 'B'.

    As far as I know I dont load any image in SDRAM 'B'