can I replace 110V power supply curcuit board in my Epson printer with a 220V board?

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It is hard to find 110 power supply board for my Epson printer most boards are 220V from china.
The only difference is the 110 circuit board has only 2 wires the other has 3,, so the question is
how do I deal with the 3 wire unit.,


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Power supplies have two basic ratings: Their operating voltage and their output voltage. Some supplies are designed to handle anything from 100VAC to 240VAC (or somewhere thereabouts). Some are two wire input design, some are three. From MY experience - and I'm not very worldly when it comes to electronics - is the third wire is often a ground wire.

The output voltage needs to be what your printer operates on. IF it operates on 12VDC then the final output needs to be rated at that voltage.

There's another important rating for power supplies and that's how much current they can provide. If you replace a 10 amp supply with a 5 amp supply then it won't have enough power to run your printer. However, suppose your new supply can provide 25 amps - that's safe to use because the printer will use whatever amperage it needs. As long as that amperage is sufficient, be it 10 amps or 25 amps, the printer will not burn up simply because there's a higher amperage capacity. It's like a glass of water on the dinner table. If you're thirsty and have a small glass you'll run out of water before your thirst is quenched. But if you have a big enough glass, or even a HUGE glass, you simply stop drinking when you're quenched, and there's water left over.