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    Hello All

    I am busy starting to look into designing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. Basically what you get at major retail stores where the more expensive items has an RF tag and if the customer leaves the store without the unit being deactivated then an alarm triggers at the door when walking through the "Detectors".

    I know you get the RF and AM types.

    1)Can anyone help me with any basic circuits / books?
    2)The RF is 8.2MHz, does this mean all you need is a 8.2Mhz Transmitter and Receiver circuit, the tag boosts the range and the RX unit then receives the pulse bouncing from the transmitter and causes the alarm to trigger?
    3) Keywords I can use in Google, cause I don't know exactly what they are called?

    Can anybody point me in the right direction please?
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    Google "rfid". That's...... r f i d .