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Hello, I’m new to electronics and need a little clarification on this project I am working on. My plan is to use a l293D motor driver shield that will have 3 motors running from it along with a sonar sensor and a servo. 2 motors will be 12v for the wheels of my robot and one will be for my 6v motor acting as a vacuum fan.
To power this, the motor driver says it’s 10v so can I not use a 12V battery?
For my servo will I need to have it be regulated to only get 5v?
And for my 6v motor do I need to have it regulated so it isn’t taking in the 12v(or whatever) battery voltage?

Thanks for the help, probably a simple solution but I have been searching online for a while and haven’t come to a clear and safe idea.


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Yes, you will need 3 voltages. Supply the highest 12V with battery and step down from that for the 5V and 6V. What is your amp load for 5V and 6V? That will determine which regulators you will need.


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The TI datasheet for the I293D states 1 A maximum continuous current. How big are your motors? If they are that small, why not use hobby servos?

As for voltage of a servo, there are high voltage servos or ever model site has voltage converter suitable for dropping 12V to the 4. 8 to 6V needed.


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The 293D has no problems using 12 Volt.
But you need to post what you really have
Like what motor shield.

I'm getting worried
To power this, the motor driver says it’s 10v so can I not use a 12V battery?
Don't any one read any more.

We need the shield the TS is using to give any ideas of if it will even work at all.