Electric motor with only one wire, but two brushes

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Hello, I have got this electric motor, that i do not know for what it was used for, but strangely when I was opening it I noticed it had only one wire connected to one of the brushes. The other brush was connected to the body(the metal) of the motor. Does that mean I need to connect the wire to plus of my battery and the minus of the battery to touch the body of the motor in order to run? Thank you for the answer and sorry for the noob question, but untill now I have never seen such thing. I can attach a picture if you need it too.


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It sounds like it will run as you say with the + connected to the wire and the - to the housing, you can always check with a multi-meter if there is a connection between the 2 that changes when you rotate the shaft. I guess it could be from something like a car that uses the body as the negative terminal.