Electret Microphone Preamp PCB - Wiring 3.5mm Question

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Hey gang,
I'm developing an accoustic noise cancellation project, and I have several electret microphone components mounted on a headset that are going to be wired via CAT5, and I have on hand 3.5mm plugs and jacks from a previous project with SparkFun - I'll utilize these components in my PCB that's a preamp for the microphones. My question regards wiring -

If I wire the CAT5 such that I only want the signal from the tip of the 3.5 mm jack, should I ground the sleeve connector on the female 3.5 plug? Or should I leave it floating (so to speak)? I have a ground plane on my PCB that I could easily connect the pin to. My concern is whether or not grounding the other channel will cause some kind of issue with the signal. I've attached a snippet of the PCB as well.

P.S. If there isn't a problem, I'm hoping to ground the other pin of the electret element via the sleeve...