EK-04 8Programs Mini Controller

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Hello all you knowledgeable people. I would like to take the controller off and throw it away as I am using the string of lights as ambient lighting for my patio. I could not believe that the default setting was on "FLASHING". Anyway, I want to get rid of the controller. I have two leads going in from my 120 V house power. Than to the right (looking at the controller from the push button side) I have 5IMG_20200613_132853.jpg leads coming out to the string of lights. Can I bypas the controller (get rid of it) and hot wire directly to the lines to the lights. If so, which lines do I tie together?


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You could, but I wouldn't advise it since the house is 120VAC and the Bulbs are 5VDC! There is more than just a flash controller in that small plastic box.