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I have seen that most or all of the EE chats out there are small or off topic. If I made a discord server or slack with channels for the topics listed here would you guys join and be active?

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Discord and slack are just chat sites. Discord is for gamers originally and slack was for businesses. Its just chat rooms that let you make your own with different sub rooms for diff topics and have giphs and such bulit in.


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Ok its not my peronal site, just a part of discord so I didnt think you would be that tough.
Well, you would be wrong about that. Site promotion -- doesn't matter whose site -- is against the ToS/UA. So STOP while you are ahead.
io capisco
tu capisci
lui, lei, Lei capisce
noi capiamo
voi capite
loro, Loro capiscono

So glad those 18 hours of Italian I took in undergraduate school (in the days when there was a language requirement) have finally paid off.


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Acknowledgments to @Aleph(0) without whose kind(?) assistance I could not have so much as begun to answer @Papabravo 's inquiryo_O

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PS -- Now this is creepy! - Looking about the 'web' - I can almost read that rubbish (i.e. 'leet-speak') -- unaided!:eek:
HP, for the record, Slack is a business oriented realtime chat system used by software and tech companies for collaboration. It isn’t really the territory of roving cyber youth. Discord is more varied, but it is widely used for software support and other legitimate activities in whose channels your attempts to be 31337 would have resulted in expulsion.

Real-time chat has a very important role in online collaboration and support. I know some people aren’t interested in it, but it has quite a bit of utility for those who participate, and so quite a bit of merit not to be trivially dismissed.

Slack is a direct offspring of IRC, which, although it was used by numpties and poseurs was and is also used by serious software and hardware developers to collaborate. It’s not the tool, it’s how you wield it that determines the value and outcome.

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It’s not the tool, it’s how you wield it that determines the value and outcome.
Exactly! And having seen the several 'flavors' of real-time 'chat' in action --as a rule to ill effect-- I stand by my unfavorable assessment of same (Spec, it has been my observation that said protocol tends to 'bring out' the 'roving cyber youth' in an admittedly few --all the while many too many-- professional 'correspondents' - often in critical (indeed, even safety-of-life) contexts.:rolleyes:

For all that, please know that your courteous, constructive reply is much appreciated! -
Clearly, our experience in said regard is honestly at variance...

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