ebay USB Oscilloscope


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Nice but disheartening to hear, I was going to get a 16GB SD card son but may wait until the 32's become more prevalent and the price on the 16s drops down a bit more.

At present I think I've got three 8 GB and a couple of 4s. I often use them to stuff DIVX/XVID movies on so if I'm at a friend's house it's a simple matter of hooking their laptop or PC up to their TV (most people already have the cables to do this) and downloading the codecs if they don't already have them. Sure beats converting them over to true DVD format and burning them. If they like the movie and want a copy they can just grab the file or I'll make a true DVD with a LightScribe label for them later.

It sure helps having a quad core when converting the video back over as it only takes me about 25 minutes from start to finish + the minimal amount of burning time. I can burn the label at the same time the software is creating the movie so both are done around the same time. When the price comes down I'll probably replace the quad with a six core then move the quad over to my main desktop. It's mainly just used for web stuff but on occasion I'll do autorouting on it and for a big board that takes a ton of processing power but if I do I'll just start it before I go to bed and let it run during the night.

Mind you I use AMD CPUs exclusively, true Pentiums would be faster but it's about three times the price for something equivalent.