EasyEDA vs Kicad - looking for personal experiences.

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Once I complete my current project I will probably start using whether Kicad or EasyEDA. While I've been user of Eagle for a long time, it seems it is time to move on. My intention is to get my PCB's eventually produced locally.

Could anyone, with experience in both applications, post some comments on his own experience? My goal is to compare them.

Links to the Web, please don't. I've been reading a lot already.

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My experience originally was with OrCad, now I use Kicad, which I find the open source Kicad is easily as equal to Orcad.
At least it does not cost anything to give it a try. ;)


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I prefer "EasyEDA" - I am using it for over two years (in the future I was using Kicad). The basic advantage in my opinion is that there is many components in it's library (symbols, footprints). It is also very intuitive for me (schematics editor and PCB editor). It has also built in simulator (based on SPICE simulator).
In my job I am using "Eagle PRO" from Autodesk, but for personal hobby projects I prefer "EasyEDA".

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