E1 Error on Horizon T101 Treadmill... Any advice?

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I have a Horizon T101 treadmill. After lubricating it, the treadmill stopped working. I have not replaced anything as the treadmill I bought in 2017. I used it daily and am disappointed because I just spend like $200 to fix the belt. I'm hoping I can fix this and not break the bank.

The incline works, the controls, and speed buttons work as well. All the electrons on the display work. However, when you press start, the belt doesn’t move. Originally if I manually pushed the treadmill walking deck, the treadmill ran. Now there is an E1 error and just put in a new motor within the last 6 months. What should I do to figure out what is wrong with the treadmill? I installed a new belt and rear roller. However, there is something electrical going wrong. Any ideas? I have included pictures of the control board and can post more if needed.



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Have you tried adjusting VR1 on the motor control board. It controls the low speed stall speed. I have heard sometimes adjusting it can fix a stalling issue.