E-ink driver components question

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Hi, I'm planing on creating an energy efficient board containing esp32 and an e-ink display. But I'm a little uncertain which components to use for the e-ink driver part.
I will be using e-ink displays from Good Display. The manufacturer provides example circuits. I also found some reference circuits from WaveShare, a company which sells those displays with driver modules like HATs for Raspberry Pi or even development boards with ESP8266 and ESP32.
I want to design my own circuit but need help in choosing the correct components. Here are my main questions:

1. Inductor: Good Displays lists a 10uH 1A inductor. Waveshare uses a 68uH but definitelly not 1A. The footprint seems to be 1210 and the 1A versions are giantic. I assume this inductor is used to filter the noise. So my question is what kind of inductor can I use? Which inductance? Which current tolerance?

2. Capacitors. Specifically those which seem to be decoupling only. Both manufacturers use very different values. 0.1uF, 1uF and 10uF. What would be the implications if I just used 10uF for simplicity (ignoring the price).

Attached are the schematics for two different displays from Good Display (10uH inductor) and some "universal" boards from Waveshare(68uH inductor).

I am quite unexperienced with complex electronics so if any information is missing let me know. Any help is much appreciated.