DVD player volume without amp ?

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I'm working on my computer speaker amp, and I'm only using a single speaker on a clock radio for sound ATM.

I have a DVD player processor PCB here that I found where L/R audio exits a DAC and goes into an op-amp before exiting the L/R O/P to a TV. I found the BJT that needs to be turned on to provide power to the op-amp, so if I connected my PC L/R O/P on the exit of the DAC, it should work. So how loud might this be if I just feed 2 little (under 10W)computer speakers, without further amplification ? Of course I could make circuits, too, even on a bread board, but with this I don't need to go desoldering the audio jacks/etc


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If I followed your description you are asking how loud the sound would be you drove the speakers with the output of an audio DAC? My take on it is that you would be lucky if it could drive high impedance headphones, and not loudly at that.

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If you feed the output of the PC to the output of the DAC then you will additionally overload all the outputs with low impedance little speakers? Which outputs or all of them will be destroyed?

Don't all computer speakers have a built-in power amplifier? It would work fine if you disconnect the inputs you don't need.