Dual D-Type Flip Flops of 74ALS74 and 74LS74

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Hi all,

I'm trying to complete an electronic project (PLL FM transmitter) which consist Dual D-Type Flip Flop of 74ALS74. Unfortunately I couldn't find that IC within my area.

But later I have found logically identical 74LS74 Dual D-Type Flip Flop. But I not sure I can use 74LS74 instead of 74ALS74. Both IC datasheets are mostly identical in logical an pin layout wise.

So I would like to know kindly anyone can explain any possibility that I can use 74LS74 instead of 74ALS74.

I have attached the circuit diagram, the IC1 is the 74ALS74.
Please kindly assist me.
Also datasheets of both 74ALS74 and 74LS74 are attached.

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The hardware implementation inside is different. Like said in the upper posts they have different speed because:
74LSxxx series is low-power Schottky and the 74HSxxx series is high-speed CMOS and so on.


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The SN74ACT74 may be usable as an alternative. Note that it must be the T version to have TTL-compatible input characteristics.