DPDT Switch Motor Control Precautions

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I'm trying to control brushed DC motor that is connected to a gearbox that moves a linear slide to raise and lower a sensor. The motor will be controlled by an operator that is raising and lowering the sensor before and after the runtime of the general system. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible and thought I may be able to use a DPDT switch with a center off but have become concerned there may be issues I'm overlooking such as back EMF or arc suppression for the switch contacts. I was hoping to get some advice on best practices for this type of circuit/design. If it's important the motor is 12Vdc and has a rated maximum current use of 0.3A.



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There is a problem with this arrangement. If the operator switches the direction of the motor very quickly, the switch contacts will arc and become damaged. If possible, make sure that the motor has stopped before applying reverse power. Use a switch that has contacts rated for the starting current of the motor, not just the running current.