DPDT relay motor reversing with DPDT switch

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I am having some trouble wiring these series of relays up. I have 8, DPDT 5amp relays. I have 3, 12v dc motors wired to them for forward and reversing motor direction, and the last 2 relays for lights and accessories. I have followed this guide over here at http://www.homebuiltrovs.com/brcs/BRCSWiringManual.pdf

However, I am not using a joystick, I am using 3 DPDT 6 pin switches instead of the SPDT switches in the wiring diagram below. Is it possible to do a similar setup, but with the DPDT switches instead of the SPDT 3 pin switches in the diagram? I don't have any SPDT switches at the moment. On the link below scroll to the bottom and it shows the switch setup if you're not using a joystick. Thanks.



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Normally a DPDT reversing switch has a centre off position, otherwise you are able to go from full FWD to full REV!
KB sell one that has an automatic feature that prevents going from FWD to REV through OFF without a forced stop at centre.