DPDT/H-bridge switch for 24V 4A max load by use of Mosfets,

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How is the correct DPDT or H-bridge switch for 24V 4A max load DC motor by use of Mosfets, how is correction of below ?

enter image description here

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There is no gate drive in this circuit, the gates will be floating, at an indeterminate voltage.

If you have a DPDT switch, you don't need any transistors to reverse the motor.

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Even if you switched suitable gate voltages to the Mosfets to turn them on or turn off, during the switching an upper Mosfet and a lower Mosfet will both be turned on for a moment, shorting the power supply and getting very hot, called "shoot-through current". Therefore a delay must be added so that one Mosfet turns off before the other Mosfet turns on.