Down sizing from SN74HCT245N to SMD part

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One of my hobbies is making small addressable LED displays (using pixels such as WS2812B or APA102) that run on 5V and use a 5V data signal. I have been using these SN74HCT245N transceivers to shift micro controller 3.3V signals up to 5V for the LEDs. It has always worked very well.

Now I want to try to make some more compact builds and will only need 2 inputs/2 outputs, instead of 8 channels. What would be a good surface mount part that could still reasonably be hand soldered? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I was looking at this little buffer. Connect its supply to 3.3V and use a pull up resistor to 5V. Should level shift up.
I would go with the SOT-23 package because it is hand solder-able.

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Thank you for the suggestion @ronsimpson
That looks good, and I'll even be able to hand solder it.

I finally got some and finaly got around to trying it out. Pretty small but I was able to hand solder it on my first try. Here's how I wired it and all worked fine.

While looking around I also ran across this TC4427 chip someone said they successfully used with addressable WS2812B LEDs. It comes in both PDIP-8 and SOIC-8.
TC4427 (listed at

The wiring was like this:

Any other thoughts or comments are welcome.
Thank you
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