Does GaN technology benefit lower current designs?

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I am looking at designing an isolated power supply that has the main aims of increasing power density to reduce the solution size.

My input voltage is around 240-300V, and to achieve a good efficiency I've calculated the input current to be in the region of 3 Amps. I am investigating using Gallium Nitride semiconductor switches to increase the switching frequency of my main inverter section (some kind of resonant full/half bridge configuration), however when looking at data sheets online the drain current I_d seems to be very high, 80A for example.

Does this necessarily mean that they cannot be used in converter that have lower current levels, and lower power levels (say 600W), and instead normal Silicon devices would probably need to be used? At the frequency I want to switch my converter, probably the Silicon devices will not have the level of performance that I require to produce an overall efficient system.

Any input is appreciated, thank you in advance.