Does anyone know a solution or need to buy a complete new engine controller?

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My apologies if I'm hard to understand what I write, I write in the google translator: Stephen I of Hungary and I just suffer a rebook i-run motor controller ... is when you work for half a minute, 10 minutes is when totally changing ... one of my forum .. posted sent a photo where the "black box" was ..Azt would like to ask what part of the cast in resin? Does anyone know a solution or need to buy a complete new engine controller?
Unfortunately, very expensive and I want to buy an improved control panel, or the necessary parts, which is a "black box".
Please clever who can say to help repair!
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I look forward to your response, welcome Stephen

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... a suggestion ...check the speed up button on the control panel. Maybe it is sticking or is stuck in the closed position somehow.


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I'm trying to interpret the message. I think he has a broken motor controller and he's asking how to remove the resin (potting compound) from the engine control board so he can debug and possibly repair it. Do I understand this correctly?

If I have the question correct, I don't know of any easy way to remove potting compound (resin).

Or.. maybe his black box is partially potted, and he is asking what part is potted in resin so he can get only that part, or does he need to buy the entire "black box". The picture may have been posted elsewhere, I'm not clear.
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