Do I need to connect a Resistor at the output of a ISOLATED MODULE DC DC CONVERTER

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Dear Team,

I am using D050505S-1WR3 in my design for powering an ISOLATED can transceiver.The can transceiver is ISO1042BDWV from TI.

Below is the schematic of power supply and CAN transceiver.

enter image description here enter image description here

During the review I received a comment like we need to connect a resistor in parallel with the capacitor (C518) ie at the output. Why they told is, the minimum output current of isolated power module is 10 mA.

As per my understanding the resistor is not required because the can transceiver is acting as a load.

The current consumption of CAN transceiver is given below.

enter image description here

My questions are,

Do I need to connect a resistor at the output of Isolated DC-DC converter?

May I know your comments about isolated DC-DC converter schematic?

Do I need to take any precautions in the layout of isolated DC-DC converter?



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That isolation module may need an additional load My big concern is why the return side of the isolates source is not even shown on the drawing. There are the two connections for the isolated power source, so both connections should be shown, AND not connected elsewhere.

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Thank you.
Can I place a 500 ohm resistor at the output of isolation module
Isolated module has two outputs and both these output are going to two isolated can transceivers