Do I need the ground planes in this pcb? Should I via stitch them together?

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Hey, it's my first pcb design. It's a compass using 2 hall effect sensors (labelled 5055 on the board). I thought that using ground planes would reduce emi. Is that correct? Also, should I via stich the ground planes and how close should the vias be? Any other thoughts on this layout?


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I am sorry that I could not open the garber files. However, I am trying to give some generic advises from what I could read from your description. You have to make separate ground planes for digital and analog sections if your design has both to prevent interference between them. Via stitching can further improve the integrity of your ground planes by connecting them together with multiple vias. This helps to reduce impedance and improve the high-frequency performance of the ground plane. Here is an Article to know more about stitching vias: