Do I need the enable A pin on L298N board

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when working with a single dc motor and no need to control different speeds or different directions, do I still need to wire the EnA pin on the l298n to the microcontroller?


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Connect to +5V.

If you are using the common L298 driver board, leave the jumpers in place at H and M in the diagram:


This does use enable or a high turns on the motor. I've used chips with A NOT ENABLE pin so that when you disconnect the input the motors don't run. TTL normally floats high. Relay drivers such as the uLN2003 will drive the relay off when the control is disconnected and off when the input is low and on when the input is high.

Motor on/off is a speed control of 0% and 100% So, if always on or always off, then no connection to micocontroller is needed. Just strap the pin to the correct logic level.