Do I have everything for a device that has 1 DC-out and switches from 2 DC-ins in case of an outage?

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Good pm, there's currently been some power outages lately in my area and I got frustrated going upstairs to connect my power bank to the router every so often. So I tried to look for a way to power my router from an outlet AND have my power bank on standby to provide power in case of an outage automatically without my help. My power bank already has a step-up converter and could power the router for at least 6-8 hours.

Here's the following items in my cart and I was wondering if this is all that I need to achieve what I intend to do:
1. mini ups module -
2. a box to store the module and put my plugs in so it'll look more presentable -
3. 3x female dc plugs to plug in the 2 out and 1 in -