Distorted sine wave displayed on labview

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Amalia Safiee

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I am trying to develop a heart monitoring system using ECG. I just started this project and my current status is to display (on labview, through bluetooth transmission by arduino) a sine wave from a function generator. However, I am not sure why I seem to get discrete signals instead of a smooth sine wave.



What is the mistake here and how can I get the smooth sine wave?


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This could be any of a number of causes. It could just be the charting method is using a zero value for time points in between the sampled points. Or, it looks a little like it's plotting a bar graph instead of a connect-the-dots line.

Or, it could be that the Arduino samples 'slowly' compared to the sine wave frequency. Try using a lower frequency so that you get more points per cycle. If possible, ask the Arduino to sample at a faster rate.

Or, the chart may not represent all the sampled data.


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From what I can see, your ADC is a 10-bit ADC and the mid-point voltage of 2.5V gets converted to 512.
Hence your sine wave is being converted to values below and above 512.

Looks like your chart is showing a bar graph instead of connect-the- dots as wayneh points out.