Diode identification

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I have posted here a week ago trying to understand if that element is a diode.

Having that sorted out, now i try to understand which diode is that.

I am mostly think its either 1n5819 or 1n4007.

The device is an inverter 12v to 220v

The element is located at the begining of the panel. Close to the input pluggs.




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If it is the Schottky diode putting the 1N4007 risks not working properly, and possibly vice versa.

You need to try to trace out that part of the PCB and see what goes into the diode and where it goes out to.

(As an aside, I previously suggested it was a ceramic cased diode but now seeing the photo larger I can see the bottom half of the case still underneath it, so there is no doubt is was a plastic cased diode. One of the two you mention is almost certainly correct.)

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Thanks guys.

Well. Yeah. I kind of did what i could to sum it up to that two options.

But how can I find out which one should I put in there?

I tend to go for the 1n5819. Just because reading it serves for power inverter. And 1n4007 serves more for power converters (from ac to dc for example).

I am a carpenter... Never worked with this kind of stuff before. I am very eager to learn. But don't have any idea how...

Maybe someone here would have a clue...