Did someone from Mash get left behind

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When the Mash units pulled out of Korea after the war did they leave someone behind?
Kim Jong Un is in grave danger after undergoing surgery, Klinger, a U.S. official told CNN Monday evening.
Questions about Kim’s health started on April 15, when he failed to appear for celebrations of the birthday of his grandfather..
” Klinger added. “We’ll have to wait and see.” :)
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When he comes to the United States for treatment (or anywhere in the West), he should be treated as any other patient would be. I hope him well.

He should then be arrested as tried for his crimes against humanity.


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ehh...duality principle says that there'd be a kind of bedouin idiotism/ignorance in dual with modern idiotism.
IMO ,most of wars in this world is based on challenge between these two.