Dell P2715Qt Monitor Power

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I have a Dell P2715Qt Monitor that I have had for a while. The scenario is: The Monitor is missing the Power Button and all other physical buttons due to the ribbon cable failing. The monitor use to power itself on when plugged in. But I accidentally changed the power settings with a piece of software called "Control My monitor" And basically told the monitor, not to power itself on when plugged in. Now I can't even get it to detect it when plugged into the computer to change the setting back to power on automatically. I'm wondering if there is a way to add a switch somewhere on the PCB to force/jump-start it. Or if there is a way I can short a contact point on the board and turn it on that way. I'm not really sure. I only need to get it to turn on once so I can change the setting back to the way it was. Any insight would be apprecieated.