De-glitching Capacitors - TLL & CMOS Logic Circuits


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Depends on the source of the glitches. Normally "glitches" are due to timing hazards that have not been properly addressed. So the proper way to deal with them is to properly design the logic.

If you are talking about glitches due to power supply drop, then the answer is... it depends. A big factor is how fast is the circuit you are working with, how severe are the glitches, and what is the impedance between the power supply and the logic devices look like? In many cases a 0.1 uF ceramic at each pin is sufficient. For more challenging needs, decade-tiered layouts going up and down from there and with larger bulk-charge storage capacitors in the region my be needed.


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What is the best type of 0.1 μF capacitor for de-glitching logic circuits? Ceramic?
Ceramic. For higher frequency circuits, 0.01uF capacitors will be paralleled with 0.1uF caps. In some cases, electrolytic caps are also needed.

I used to use ceramic disc capacitors. Now I'm more likely to use the smaller axial ceramic caps.