DC to 3-phase VFD for providing induction motor with battery power (~8kW)


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Haha I feel kind of foolish. I was talking about Tesla the car which I heard inverts DC from the battery to an AC motor. Why would they use AC?


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I'm building a mobile robot which is quite heavy and needs some serious HP. For this and other reasons I want to mount 4 induction motors to each wheel (for a total output of about 8kW) and power them via batteries. However, those motors need 3-phase current and I obviously can't plug them directly to the batteries. This is why I need a variable frequency drive but without the prepended rectifier (input current is already DC). I have been looking all around but couldn't find any devices that seem to be able to do just this. Can anyone with a bit more oversight maybe lead me into the right direction? :)
May I suggest b.less DC motors (140-170kV Inrunners or hubs) and dedicated drivers ?