induction motor

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    DC to 3-phase VFD for providing induction motor with battery power (~8kW)

    I'm building a mobile robot which is quite heavy and needs some serious HP. For this and other reasons I want to mount 4 induction motors to each wheel (for a total output of about 8kW) and power them via batteries. However, those motors need 3-phase current and I obviously can't plug them...
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    Speed Control of single phase shaded pole motor

    I have a group project where I have to control the speed of a single-phase shaded pole induction motor. My plan was to use a Triac-based circuit however, all Triac circuits I have seen use a potentiometer to control the speed of the motor. In this project, the motor's speed is dependent on an...
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    Single phase induction motor trips breaker

    Hi, So I've got this rotary floor sander I've got to fix. When I opened it I noticed someone had fixed it before and 1 of the capacitors had swollen. I've been told it had been working for a long time before the capacitor broke. I assumed the silver one was the run capacitor and the blue broken...