DC motor controller

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I am desparately trying to gain a better understanding of DC circuits of all types, but especially motor control circuits. Any all inclusive resources for this purpose would be greatly appreciated. my specific question at the moment is related to the use of potentiometers in in PWM circuits. I have a 2.5 hp dc motor and controller scavenged from a treadmill. I had a 4.7k pot laying around, so I tied that into the HLW taps on the board. I have control of the motor speed, but not a lot of resolution. What effect would a different size pot have? WOuld a 10k pot give me more resolution, ie finer speed control?


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Is this one of the MC-60 treadmill boards?
If so the 5k/10k pot should work, is the pot a linear style?
The older controllers are SCR bridge versions and are not as good as the later MC2100 which is PWM controlled.
But there are many using the SCR versions in home machine shop applications.