DC High Current PWM Mig welder

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  1. stobby

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    Jun 20, 2018
    Hey everyone first time posting in a while. Hopefully this is in the right Forum section. Admins feel free to move.

    Here's the Story, I have a 250amp transformed DC Mig welder, that i have been using specifically for Aluminium welding. It has very basic stepped voltage control with 6 settings. As such this makes it either too 'hot' or too 'cold'. Here's a pic of the machine, Note the access to positive and negative outlets.

    I want to add pulse function to this machine and possibly double pulse, Like many other high end machines have. which will allow me to set: 1.background current, 2.peak current, 3.frequency.

    Single Pulse waveform
    pulse mig.JPG

    Double Pulse Waveform
    double pulse mig.JPG

    So in short i Have a low voltage (15vdc-20vdc) high current power that i need to Pulse width modulate.

    I thought possibly a couple of modular style mosfet's or IGBT's having their gates controlled by a square wave signal generator. I am reasonably comfortable with PIC chips if necessary

    Surprisingly there's not a lot of information around about the design of pulse welders.

    Kind regards, Brent.
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    Sep 30, 2009
    There may be other things that are effecting your welding of aluminum. #1, is what gas are you using? #2, is AC works much better with aluminum than DC.
  3. stobby

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    Jun 20, 2018
    In almost every case mig is always DC, Tig is more often balanced ac. I am running 100% Argon 20-25LPM.
    I am using 5356 wire, 1.2mm diameter.

    Here's a quick little YouTube clip to explain better than i can.

    Kind regards, Brent
  4. karzo94

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    Apr 3, 2018
    You can use open collector FET driver https://store.ncd.io/product/pca963...ctor-8-bit-pwm-fet-driver-with-i2c-interface/ allows 8-Bit proportional control of high-current loads using I2C communications. It consist of BUK98150-55A which is capable of controlling up to 55VDC and 5.5 Amps of current (8 Watts of Heat Dissipation), making it an ideal choice for most low-voltage DC application.
    I guess this kind of application will be useful with MIG welder for receiving the pulse input wirelessly.
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Hi Karzo, The concept of that is fantastic however calculating its load capactiy it can only handle ruffly 300w.
    My usual welding current range is around 19v - 120amps. (2280w). However it would be nice to have it handle the full potential of the machine (250amps).

    kind regards, Brent.
  6. stobby

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    Jun 20, 2018
    Would it be possible to use one or a couple of these pwm controllers in series, However modify the board to controlled by a signal generator.

    Here's The PWM

    And Here's the Signal generator

    signal generator.JPG

    Kind regards, Brent.