DC circuit breakers - Good sources at reasonable cost.

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I just bought some 80A DC breakers...

My system is 12V nominal

Given the price and origin I wasn't expecting them to be accurate and and anticipated that they would be thermal only but this doesn't matter much as they are/ only providing way to isolate parts of my DC system, for maintenance, whilst offering protection to cables, large cables.

Well they are hopeless, my charger at 50 amps caused them to trip within a few seconds. I haven done any soak tests so I dont actually know the max continuous current but they are dissipating way to much heat anyway.

Anybody have any thoughts about where to look for real ones at a reasonable cost?
I guess I could use battery isolators for the switching and fused links but I really wanted resetable protection, preferably without spending £60 each as I will want 6 (Diferent currents) {Cooper bussman list 'proper' ones)

I am in the UK but that is less of an issue these days.

I dont have a problem in general with Chinese kit so if anyone knows of breakers that work and arr cheap imports I would be up for that