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Not too well done, how many screens should I have to go through to get a datasheet, and that window with the assistant is down right annoying.

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Good free datasheet search engine: http://www.*****************/
I guess the above site is blocked by this forum. What is the reason? TIA
It is because of the said site shotgunning spam across the forums. We have had a few over the years and after several warnings they didn't learn, so I'm afraid we blocked them and needless to say we haven't had a problem from them since.


An other source of information on parts can be the cross reference lists.
Here is one called partcross:
That link turned out to be VERY helpful.

On a side note, I've been going through datasheets lately for circuit breakers. I found a good website that has specs for the almost every brand. I've been doing a lot of side work lately that involves replacing peoples old breakers including my neighbors so I'm looking for more reference websites if you know of any.

I needed to review spec sheets for the BAB1015 for example and found it quickly. You can get the technical sheets for most known breakers. Just search the model and pull the sheet.

I also made this free resource myself to help anyone who needs to do any type of breaker maintenance. If you have any suggestions please let me know, just want to make a good contribution! I just realized that this thread is old but want to add the information still, I hope this is okay thanks again.


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You can try element14. They sell components and when you key in the product code the datasheet is also given. Plus you can ask them for any technical support.